Tick Tock Ya Don’t Stop – Art Print


There are three sizes printed on heavyweight 100% Cotton Paper, and one x-large size printed on heavyweight canvas.

  • All prints come unframed.
  • Shipping within 5 working days.
  • All prints ship loosely rolled in a wide neck tube.

Image is printed with a white border on the following paper sizes:

Tick, tock, tick goes the hands of time in never ending perpetual motion.

I had these thoughts in mind as I went about my doodling. Imagining discreet units of time. Each one an interlocking shape. All meeting in a circular form. These circular forms endlessly emanating from a central core outwards into the world of time. Forming the machinery of existence.

The original acrylic painting on canvas, 122cm x 107cm, is sold.

* All print sizes approximate.

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