Ollie At Bowscale Tarn – Original Painting


Portrait painting of Ollie at Bowscale Tarn in the Northern Lake District:

  • Oil painting on canvas.
  • Size: 92cm x 76cm.
  • Will ship within 3-5 working days.

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According to Lake District local William Wordsworth there are two immortal fish in Bowscale Tarn, one legend even has it they can speak. He wrote these words in his poem “Feast of Brougham Castle”:

Both the undying fish that swim
In Bowscale tarn did wait on him;
The pair were servants of his eye
In their immortality;

Bowscale Tarn is set in a fantastically remote setting. Hemmed in by crags, its outfall, just manages to escape the great moraine ridge dam holding back the tarn. There is a bridleway in from Mungrisdale, a pony track built for the gentrified Victorians who liked to visit the Tarn. Its a wild atmospheric place.