A portrait of 3 pet dogs, a Doberman, French Bulldog, and Bull Terrier intertwined, drawn in Charcoal on heavyweight paper by British artist Conor Wilson

Portrait Commission

Pet Portrait of three dogs intertwined. A Doberman, a French Bulldog, and a Bull Terrier, called “Neo, Eb and Pooka” – Three good friends, and loveable canine companions.

“Once again thank you, we are thrilled.
When I saw the portrait of our guys it took my breath away.
Quite literally.”
– Sally Lancaster

Drawn using a variety of different charcoals. Willow charcoal to start, then Nitram charcoal and General charcoal pencils for the really velvety, rich blacks.

  • Charcoal drawing on Fabraino 5 Paper.
  • Size: 41cm x 41cm.