Project Description

Colourful Abstract Art painted in acrylic by British Artist Conor Wilson

Original Painting

“In Icelandic pagan magic special runic symbols have been created as talismans to attract various virtues for the benefit of the user. This Sigil is a love charm, it is said to attract the love of the person you most desire”, quoted from – The Magic of the Runes by Micheal Howard.

The original abstract painting was painted in acrylic on canvas, using traditional brush work and airbrush. It is for sale:

  • Size: 152cms x 122cms.
  • Acrylic painting on canvas.

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Fine Art Print

Printed on 300gsm 100% Cotton Paper. All prints come unframed and unmounted.

  • Paper size: 59cms x 42cms.
  • Will ship within 5 working days.

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