Chumleigh Youth Club mural painting on the outside of the building by Devon artist Conor Wilson.

Mural Painting

Over the course of 8 weeks I visited the youth center and hashed out some rough ideas with the kids. We all agreed that we wanted to create a piece of artwork that represented their interests, their surroundings and how they used the youth center. They have well equipped music rooms with Djing equipment. Are involved with the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme. They love camping and the outdoors. Chulmleigh is a rural area with a large farming community. So I worked on a design that incorporated these themes in a fun and colourful way.

As I did with the Braunton youth club project I reduced the design to a paint by numbers scheme. Then even those with the most basic ability with a brush might be able to get involved, and make their mark. The outlines were projected on and sketched out before we got started on the painting. All in all it took 10 days to complete. Again I used an anti graffiti clear coat to protect the mural from vandalism and weathering.

Many thanks to all the kids and youth workers who helped paint out. Especially to Tom Mack, Richard, Sarah, Mark, Dean, Robin, Poppy, Jordan, Hannah, Harry, and all the others who made their mark.

The address and location of the youth center should you want to have a look is: The Community College, Chulmleigh, Devon EX18 7AA. The mural is to the left of the sports center.