Braunton Youth Club mural painting on the outside of the building by Devon artist Conor Wilson.

Mural Painting

More than sixty-four volunteers worked flat out for 10 days – often in searing summer sun – to successfully complete the mural painting project at Braunton skate bowl. Led by artist Conor Wilson, young volunteers, staff from Devon Youth Services and the Museum of British Surfing, parents and members of the surfing and skating communities joined together to bring the designs to life.

Surf museum founder Pete Robinson said: “It has been a mammoth effort but so worth while – it has been great to see everyone turning up and pitching in. I’d like to personally thank everybody who volunteered their time and did their bit. The result is truly amazing and everyone should be very proud of their work.” The work has been funded by the Museum of British Surfing through the ‘Count Me In‘ scheme which aims to engage young people with museums in new ways.

Youth ambassadors Hannah Andrews and Lewis Hughes came up with the ideas for the new murals with other young people at Braunton Youth Centre and then worked with local artist & surfer Conor Wilson to bring them to life. The old graffiti art at the skate bowl had become tired & worn, and was recently painted over to give a fresh canvas for the young people of Braunton to work on.

The Museum of British Surfing says a huge ‘thank you’ to Conor Wilson, youth worker Tom Mack & his colleagues, the volunteers including world class snowboarder James Stentiford, local surf legend Simon Skelton, Ed Mack – and most of all Hannah, Lewis and all the young people who put forward their ideas and pitched in with the work to create a stunning new piece of public art.

Area youth worker Tom Mack said: “The end result is something everybody can be proud of and smartens up the skate bowl area too, showing the local community and visitors what young people in Braunton can achieve.”

Thanks also go to the firm Graffiti Magic who provided a vandal proof coating and other local businesses & individuals who have donated materials and time. These include Saltrock, Brewers (Barnstaple branch), T.F Witts & Sons, Redwood Surfshop, Jeff Lawton, & Wave dreamer who are in the process of producing a timelapse movie of the painting.

The mural was designed from ideas put forward by the kids who use the youth club. In order to involve as many of the young people as possible in the actual painting i reduced the image i had composed to paint by numbers.

In all 64 people were involved with the actual painting of the mural, the names of those who helped can be seen below, apologies if i have missed you off the list, some i didnt take a note of your surnames, but i’m sure you’ll know who you are.

Big Thanks To Those Involved

  • Tom Mack
    Jackey Williams
    Simon Skelton
    James Stentiford
    Rita Roup
    Mikey Corker
    Shaun Latham
    Stevie Ray Latham
    Samson Yeo
    Matt King
    Arthur Marks
    Josh Lidall
    Alex Lamack
    Harry Jackson
    Aaron Vella
  • Pete Robinson
    Richard Gregory
    Sunny Rudman
    Dan Rudman
    Tia Rudman
    Sienna Rudman
    Matilda Sharpe
    Tom Sharpe
    Alex Mcguiness
    Jimmy Challis
    Billy Mitchell
    Ross Mcphail
    Charlie Ellis
  • Martin Bradshaw
    Charlotte Bradshaw
    Terry Bradshaw
    Conor Hutton
    Jo Ouston
    Phoebe Adams
    Ellie Mansford
    Clare Faulkner
    Dean Wilson
    Samuel Denham
    Billy Ashford
    Shannon Wildgoose
    Joe Crocker
  • Greg Simpson
    Louise Brierley
    Lewis Hughes
    Hannah Andrews
    Ed Mack
    Gwen De Groot
    David Robinson
    Steve Filsell
    Bradley Williams
    Ollie Stevens
    Jordan Butler
    James Wayne