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Project Description

Colourful Abstract Art painted in acrylic by British Artist Conor Wilson

Bouncy balls always fascinated me as a child. At the time it wasn’t the physics of the fun I was having that interested me, but the effect. It was always so unexpected, the ability of a rubber ball to cause random mayhem around a room full of adults. Pinging around knocking glasses of tables, and randomly hitting people as they ducked for cover. This abstract painting is like the flight of one of these balls, but with a difference. It is as if a force field has enforced order upon its chaotic journey resulting in a perfectly graceful flight path. The original acrylic painting, 86cms x 84cms, is sold.

Fine Art Print

Printed on 300gsm 100% Cotton Paper. All prints come unframed and unmounted.

  • Paper size: 59cms x 42cms.
  • Will ship within 5 working days.

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