Large colourful Jungle wall mural painted in acrylics in Blue Groove Restaurant, Croyde Bay, North Devon, UK, by British artist Conor Wilson.

“Blue Groove Restaurant in Croyde, North Devon, oozes unique personality and refuses to be put in a box. Take that classic beachy style and add a dose of sophistication …”


Mural Painting

The newly refurbished Blue Groove, Croyde Bay, opened in Easter 2019. As you can see from the photo’s, it was out with the old and in with a fresh vibrant new. All the old wall murals from 2006 have been replaced with new ones that are in keeping with the new vibe and feel of the space. This is one of them. Its hand painted in hard wearing Acrylic paints and lacquered for protection.

Another mural is sketched out and will be completed in the winter ready for next spring. It is in the same style, a mural of twice the size, and will be in the conservatory area. View photos of the sophisticated new Blue Groove interior below.

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Blue Groove, 2 Hobbs Hill, Croyde, EX33 1LZ. Call: 01271 890111