Portrait painting of a horse on canvas, painted in oils by artist Conor Wilson

Portrait Commission

The portrait painting of the horse Avral was commissioned as a surprise present by a friend for his wife.

  • Oil painting on canvas.
  • Size: 61cm x 46cm.

“Conor painted the portrait of my wife’s horse, Avral.  In short, it is an amazing painting which captures Avral’s character and looks great on the bedroom wall at home (It even matches the bed sheets, which worried me). But it’s far more significant than that. The journey started as a chat about the concept between Conor and I, a surprise portrait for my wife of the beloved Avral. We went on several covert missions with carrots and polos to a north devon field to capture Avral in the right light and mood. Conor’s clearly patient perfectionism was concluded with tears of joy from the wife and at least 2 years in the good books. A success all round!”

-Scott Burrows