Design process and new directions

Initial concepts for the new mural’s in Blue Groove sent us up some blind avenues. Whilst this seemed like a waste of resources at the time. It has spawned some interesting new directions. These are some of the ideas that we decided would not work as a large mural in the newly refurbished restaurant. Often designing is as much about what will not work as what will. It is rarely a straight path. Ideas are never wasted though, lets see what comes out of this.

I’m going to call her Athena after the Greek Goddess of wisdom, war and the crafts. Painted in acrylic on mdf panel, size: 63cms by 23cms

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The anonymous heART project

Following up on the Heart research Art Auction I took part in at the beginning of November, all the pieces sold raising £43,000 for research into heart disease. Here are the ones I submitted, all are pencil drawings. They are called: “On the pulse”, “Pressure Drop” and “Skip a beat”.

This exciting project featured hundreds of A5 sized pieces of artwork which have been created and donated by famous artists, celebrities, influential figures and creative supporters of Heart Research UK.

All artwork was sold at auction on eBay between Friday 2  – Sunday 11 November 2018

The twist? Though the list of artists was available to all bidders, the artist of each individual piece was kept anonymous.

Everything raised by the auction will be invested in pioneering medical heart research: making hearts healthier in local communities: masterclassses for clinicians and driving innovative education in schools. Together, we can take on heart disease and keep those we love around for longer.

see more about the project at: Heart Research UK anonymous heART project

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Saunton Sands Watercolour Sketch

Watercolour in sketch pad of Saunton sands beach.

Warm up sketch in pen and ink of the watery reflections in the rock pools at Saunton sands beach, North Devon. With Some Arches aquarelle 300lb paper taped up and wetted in preparation for some paint.

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Work in progress – 18th May 2017

Baggy point, North Devon, sea surging against the cliffs.

Working on this one right now, almost finished. It’s going to be a painting about the Cliffs, and climbing, at Baggy point, North Devon. An oil painting on canvas. Mid morning, clear sunshine, dramatic cliffs in shadow and surging sea’s. Painted in a realistic style.

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