Conor was born on Manus Island, Papua New Guinea, two degrees south of the equator. He lived there until he was three, in a house on stilts that would rock with the earthquakes. The beaches were volcanic black sand, and when his parents were at work the local villagers would look after him and his sister. After that he spent many years living in the Middle East. In Qatar, Abu Dhabi and Oman. When he was eight he came to the UK to be schooled.

After A-levels he studied a BA (hons) in Mechanical Engineering for a year, and then a BA (hons) in Geography & Geology for a year. Conor was restless, yearning for a more exotic path through life so he abandoned these studies to pursue a creative life of his own making. Both these courses were in Birmingham and so he found myself living there for the next five years. Being a skateboarder his creative friends were mainly involved in the skate and graffiti scene. During this time Conor developed his artistic skills and built up a strong portfolio of artwork. From an early age he loved to draw and during this time he spent long hours drawing from imagination. Having studied A-level Art Conor had a grounding in Art History. His influences around this time came from the likes of Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, H. R. Giger, Salvador Dali, Surrealism, Pop Art, skateboard graphic art and graffiti. Having built up a collection of sketches he needed a medium by which to paint on the scale, and in the style that he wanted. Conor toyed with spraycans but was lent an airbrush. Taking to it quickly and naturally, he started work on his first large scale acrylic paintings in 1995.

In the summer of 1996, a friend, and well known graffiti artist Chu set up a groundbreaking Graffiti/ Street art show called Graffiti Bastards, at the Custard Factory in Birmingham. It was an ambitious event and was planned alongside “Ideal Skateboards” 5th anniversary birthday bash. Fourteen of the finest graffiti artists from around the UK showed their work….and Conor his collection of six large acrylic paintings. The Custard factory fountain was drained and a mini ramp built in it. The best skaters from across the UK were invited to skate. Bands and DJ’s played on three different stages. There was huge interest in all the artwork on display. Over the following weekend the mini-festival continued, with live break dancing, DJ’s, LTJ Bukem, Sneaker Pimps, and New Flesh for Old played in the exhibition space. The show did a lot to bring Grafitti and it’s culture to a wider audience.

On the second weekend Conor had a serious accident in the exhibition space. Whilst in Hospital Uri Geller rang. He had chanced on the exhibition and wanted to buy Conor’s collection of paintings. He did and then acted as his agent for the next two years, securing commissions, and setting up shows in the UK and New York.

By 1997 Conor needed a break from Birmingham and traveled to India. Four months were spent travelling around Northern India and Nepal. He became interested in Buddhism and Yoga, and spent time at the temples around Kathmandu and ashrams of Rishikesh. The vibrant sensual assault of the markets, temples and bazaar’s, the crazy, erotic colour of the Hindu temple art, the metaphysical mandala’s and thanka’s of the buddhists all imprinted themselves upon his psyche and have served as inspiration for his art and life.

Conor left Birmingham in 1999, since then has been living in Braunton, close to the North Devon coast, UK. What he paints and how he paints are in constant evolution, his current output is inextricably linked to the environment in which he currently resides.

Portrait Painting in oil of a Boy at Bowscale Tarn in the Lake District by British Artist Conor Wilson

“I have had the pleasure to have worked, purchased work and commissioned Conor during the last 20 years. But still Conor has the ability to surprise me time and time again with the quality of his craft. The precision and attention to detail is second to none. Every visitor to our home always remarks upon the pieces we have hanging there.”

“I was 10 when I first came across Conor Wilson’s art. I was staying in Braunton on a family holiday when we walked into a cafe that was displaying his work. It was love at first sight – I saved my pocket money for a year and got all of my family to contribute so I could buy Fly 1 for my 11th birthday.

I am now 25 years old, married and living in the states and I have multiple pieces of Conor’s art displayed in my home. I absolutely adore the way Conor conveys the world in his work. For me, the texture of his sand pieces drew me in first and this was quickly coupled with my interest in his vibrant use of colour. But what I love most is that his repertoire continues to grow and evolve. My pieces vary from subtle sand paintings and rich charcoal sketches, to colourful, vibrant masterpieces.

Not only is his work beautiful but after 15 years of communication, I can also attest to his customer service, patience, timely response & kind character which all contribute to a wonderful experience.

If you are thinking about purchasing some of his art or working with him on a commission DO IT. You will not be disappointed!”

Maddie Hardie Ace, Nella Marketing.

“Conor Wilson is an amazingly talented and skilled artist! I fell in love with his artwork when I first saw his paintings. I recommend his creations for any residential or commercial space.”

“Conor brings a deep spirituality to his work and combine’s his considerable skill, discipline and a mischievous sense of humour to create stunning pieces of art. He is a true perfectionist which shines through in the quality of everything he puts his mind to.”

Gerv Havill, Mission Print.

“Once again thank you, we are thrilled. When I saw the portrait of our guys it took my breath away quite literally”.

Sally Lancaster, The Woolacombe Bay Hotel.

“Conor painted the portrait of my wife’s horse, Avral.  In short, it is an amazing painting which captures Avral’s character and looks great on the bedroom wall at home (It even matches the bed sheets, which worried me). But it’s far more significant than that. The journey started as a chat about the concept between Conor and I, a surprise portrait for my wife of the beloved Avral. We went on several covert missions with carrots and polos to a north devon field to capture Avral in the right light and mood. Conor’s clearly patient perfectionism was concluded with tears of joy from the wife and at least 2 years in the good books. A success all round!”

Scott Burrows, Eden Sustainable Ltd.

“Many years after commissioning our magnificent sand-paining from Conor, it still holds pride of place in our home and plays with the Australian light perfectly. The commission was a thoroughly enjoyable process, and one which we hope to again one day. Thanks Conor, and all the best! Jo and Ravi Avasti”

Jo & Ravi Avasti, Ravi Avasti Arts.

“Creating the right environment was everything when we built Hands On Clinic.

Creating beautiful sound proofed rooms for client to have their treatments in was one thing but what was key was the correct ambience. This was created by a beautiful colour scheme with our decorating. However, what was the MOST important and key finishing touches was, what went on the walls. After much looking around we came upon Conor Wilson’s artwork. Conor was an amazing help he gave us great ideas and helped us pick the correct pieces for each area.

Conor’s artwork makes a huge impact on everyone, not a day passes without some comment about his artwork, from the “sand art” behind the reception desk to the “triptych” in the waiting area, each room is given a beautiful finishing touch from his work.

I could not recommend him enough and I know where I will always go!”

Phil Steward, Hands On Clinic.

“Whenever we set eyes on a piece of Conor’s artwork, intrinsically we know we need it.

The journey of understanding why starts when it is welcomed in to our home and our being, like the belongings of a distant relative being set before us for the first time. Somehow, inherently you know it belongs with you and then gradually begin to realise why. To us our pieces are playful, reflective, and sensual, thought provoking and leave an indelible impression.

Over the years of purchasing work from Conor he has always been professional, efficient and considerate to our needs.”

Suzzanne & Jon Funiciello

“Conor creates a fabulous depth and emotion in his work. Whatever and wherever he paints he brings it to life with his diverse painting styles. A friendly and wonderfully talented artist. We are delighted that we are able to enjoy Conor’s fabulous works in our home…”

Debs Hayes

“Conor more than exceed our expectations for the portraits of our children.  He has captured them both utterly brilliantly, exactly as they were in a very special moment, on a very special family holiday. We smile each time we look at the portraits, and will continue to smile as we look them for many years to come.”

Ossian & Lisa Pleasance

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