Conor Wilson | Contemporary Painter

I have been working in Braunton, close to the North Devon coast, UK, for over twenty years now. What I paint and how I paint are in constant evolution and are inextricably linked to the environment in which I find myself.

Over the years I have built up a base of art collectors who love my varied approach to creating artwork. My subject matter is diverse, but currently revolves around landscape painting, portrait painting and abstract psychedelic artworks in oil paint, watercolour, and acrylic.

My commissioned work is also diverse and includes various different creative projects from muraling Cable cars in the French Alps, painting Jeans for Levi’s, customising cars for SaltRock Surf Co and countless large scale murals projects in public and private residences.

The diverse range of artworks I create are available to view and buy. Previous commissions including murals and portraits can be seen in the Gallery sections. Please get in touch if you have any questions regarding purchasing or commissioning artwork and paintings.

Landscape | Portrait | Abstract | Sculptural | Mural